RivaTuner Free Download For Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7 [Latest Version]

Introduced as a highly successful design with the help of a statistics server, these applications are designed to bring you the maximum functionality of your graphics card and bring you a bunch of controls that will help you get the most out of your GPU. can be specified. RivaTuner Download also lets you open-source overclocking and hardware debugging for NVIDIA video cards by modifying the NVIDIA graphics card, a revolutionary graphics card overclocking, and subsequent utility lecturing.

By downloading this RivaTuner application, you can Rivatuner Statistics Server Download, which can be introduced as the official homepage for RivaTuner Download. Initially a small tool designed for graphics card utilities, the statistics server has in recent years been able to become a high-performance video capture service provider for virtual frame monitoring, on-screen display, and other graphics card utilities Download.

Download For Windows

This RivaTuner Download For Windows 11, designed to be very easy to use by any inexperienced or experienced person, is also known as the main advantage of the statistics client. It’s also a great app that gives you the balance you need for outstanding performance, and the RivaTuner Download has an FMS limit that can prevent you from exceeding that limit on your GPU.

Using this RivaTuner Download, you can get high, which is complex with attractive tools and can be used by different users, so RivaTuner Download For Windows is easy to use and has a lot of information in the prominent window. It also can capture game screenshots in JPG, PNG, or BMP formats, third-party software. RivaTuner is an essential app.

Features of RivaTuner Download

Ability to add frame time statistics for Directx, OpenGL, and VULKAN applications

This RivaTuner Download includes support for client applications’ frame rates and frame tracking and the ability to add frame and frame time statistics for the Directx, OpenGL, and VULKAN applications and the statistics screen. You can display the display or give access to server-related server applications.

Using this RivaTuner Download, you can get a 3D selection statistic experience

It also provides 3D selection statistics for clients who use it, allowing clients to use statistics to accurately determine which 3D application is currently running and based on which you can apply different hardware profiles.

This RivaTuner supports a screen display.

This RivaTuner also supports screen display on the app, allowing you to display any text information. It can be used as a server standalone frame rate monitoring solution, as it can perform directing of Directx and OpenGL applications. It can display its frame rate statistics on display on the screen.

Using this RivaTuner Windows, you can capture high-performance desktop and video games.

This RivaTuner app can provide screen captures on desktops and games and supports capture formats in BMP, PNG, and JPG, enabling you to capture the high-performance real-time desktop and sports video.

Using this RivaTuner, you no longer need to buy dedicated video capture software.

With push-To-Talk support, additional video capture options, multi-source audio capture range, and expensive commercial video capture functionality now available to everyone for free, you no longer need to purchase dedicated video capture RivaTuner software.

Advantages and Disadvantages of RivaTuner Download


  • This software is a lightweight, easy-to-use software.
  • This software is free for use.
  • It has a straightforward and friendly interface.
  • Gpu tunning in fast.

  • It can only use for Windows operating systems.
  • This software, a statistics server, can use lightly.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What is the RivaTuner?

    This software can be described as a very reliable design with the kind of controls you need to get the most out of your GPU with the help of a statistics server to do more work on the graphics card you are using.

    Who created this software?

    Created By Alexey Nicolaychuk in 1997, the software can do overclocking and hardware debugging, especially for NVIDIA video cards. You can do it. Riva TNT, GeForce grade 700, and Radeon 8500 can do all the work you need for any video card.

    What is this RivaTuner software used for?

    The software is based on the NVIDIA GPU and provides all the features needed to fine-tune machine-level machines and module profile modules. To successfully perform the tunning, you need the display adapter. This RivaTuner is a beneficial application for people involved in computer games, and it allows you to engage in that game even more.

    Which devices do you support?

    You can use it for all Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 versions.

    Which devices do not have support?

    This software does not support mobile phones.

    Can you use RivaTuner without Afterburner?

    This software is fully supported by the Microsoft Windows operating system for Windows 98 to Windows 10, so you can successfully perform the required tasks. It provides a graphical interface for controlling driver level and low-level hardware.

    People of any age use this?

    This software is easy for anyone who works with computers and makes your work even more efficient.

    See the statistics you want, and can you change them?

    This software is designed for viewing all the statistics when you need them. Here you can manage the GPU you need by viewing them.

    Can you use this for free?

    Yes, You can use this software completely free of charge.

    Is there any other software similar to this one?

    Some are Win10 Settings Blocker, PCI-Z, WD Drive Utilities, Thaiphoon Burner 16NovaBench, WinContig, etc.

    Who made this RivaTuner software?

    This software is essential for architects, players, and developers. This software is beneficial for players.

    Are there any formats you can use to capture screenplays in the game?

    You can do video encoding with third-party software and capture game scripts in JPG, PNG, BMP, and software.

    Why is it important to tune the GPU?

    If you are using a GPU, you will need to configure it correctly to get accurate and efficient performance, or you will not be able to get precise performance.

    What’s unique about this RivaTuner software?

    This software comes with a set of features that other similar software does not. You can get a great view without hassle while tuning in and playing, getting the best experience.